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RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan

RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan

 Excellent 5.0 | 1898 Reviews
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❄️ Stay Cool Anywhere - Portable fan that clips onto your waist.

🔋 Long-lasting Battery - Up to 8 hours of cooling on a single charge.

🔄 Powerful Fan - Will keep you cool in any weather!

RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan

RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan

Regular price $29.99 USD
Regular price $29.99 USD Sale price $49.99 USD
SAVE 40% Sold out
  • files/pexels-photo-1065084.jpg

    The wind under the hot summer clothes is nice, wish I knew about this last summer!

    Amanda S.
  • files/pexels-photo-1121796.webp

    Defiantly worth the money if you live in a hot state.

    Chance L.
  • files/pexels-photo-733872.webp

    Excellent product for the summer days. Works perfect for my gym sessions.

    Chealsea M.

    How It Works

    Clip the RoHS™ Waist Cooling Fan to your belt or waistband. Turn it on and for instant cooling relief.


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    Stay Cool and Comfortable!

    The RoHS™ Waist Cooling Fan is your ultimate solution to beat the heat. On Sale Now!

    Why Choose Us



    Free from harmful substances like lead and mercury, ensuring user and environmental safety.


    Ergonomically designed and lightweight for extended, comfortable wear.

    Increased Productivity

    Helps maintain focus and energy levels by preventing heat-related fatigue, allowing you to stay active and productive throughout the day.

    Heat Relief

    Provides immediate relief from heat, helping to lower body temperature and reduce discomfort during hot summer days, whether indoors or outdoors.

    Life-Saving in Extreme Heat

    Prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke in extreme temperatures. Guarantees user safety and comfort during heatwaves, vital for those in hot climates.


      Your Rohs waist fan is ideal for outdoor activities like work, exercise, and hiking; perfect for indoor comfort at home or the office; and its portable design ensures cooling relief on the go.

      Product Details

      Your Rohs waist fan is safe for users and the environment due to Rohs compliance, is lightweight and comfortable for hands-free use, features customizable airflow with multiple speed settings, has a long-lasting battery for all-day cooling, operates quietly, and is built with high-quality materials for durability.

      Why It's the Best in the Industry

      Your Rohs waist fan prioritizes user safety and environmental health, offers superior comfort and convenience with its ergonomic design, delivers advanced performance with efficient battery life and customizable airflow, and is backed by positive reviews and high customer ratings for its reliability.

      RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fan

      Your RoHS waist fan is a top-tier personal cooling device designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, especially during hot summer days. Here are the details about your product, its uses, and why it stands out in the industry

      Stylish and Discreet Design

      RoHS™ - Waist Cooling Fanis sleek and fashionable design that seamlessly integrates into any outfit. It is compact and discreet, so users can stay cool without compromising their style, making it a must-have accessory for the summer.


      Trustpilot reviews

      Excellent 4.8 / 5

      • This came just in time for the summer heat here in Az! Glad I found this product.

        Amanda S.

      • I am a ups driver, and this helps out a lot since we don't have a/c in our trucks.

        Julio M.

      • Use this for my hikes. Helps cool me down during my breaks.

        James N.